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New Age Employee Benefits

Active Dental

Today, most group insurance companies adjudicate their dental claims using legacy systems. The depth and accuracy of adjudication is only as good as the system allows. While this method of adjudication was sold to employers on the basis of its efficiency and cost effectiveness, no one ever measured the impact on the claims results.

At Barrons, we take a totally different approach to adjudication. Each claim is reviewed by a dentist who fully understands the procedures and what is required by the patient. Treatments and billings are regularly questioned by our dentists. As well, patients are regularly called to verify treatment provided and the actual time spent in the chair.

The Barron’s Active Dental adjudication program offers:

  • Savings from 10 to 30% of claims
  • Competitive administration and adjudication fees.
  • Professional review of each claim.
  • 24 hour claim turnaround.
  • Independent dentist audits
  • A dental report card for each employee
  • The ability to measure the actual value of the claim dollars spent on dental.

Contact Barrons today, they will arrange a no obligation evaluation meeting to review how “New Age” Employee Benefits can add significant value to your company’s benefit program.