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Health and Dental Insurance

As Canadians, we’re fortunate to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world, but that doesn’t mean your provincial government provides you with all the healthcare coverage you need.

As provincial governments cut back their levels of healthcare coverage, you may be left to pay for expenses such as prescription drugs, visits to the dentist, eye exams, paramedical services and transportation by ambulance.

If you don’t have healthcare coverage through a group benefits plan and are looking for protection beyond what is covered by your provincial healthcare plan, there are a number of plans available that may be right for you. These plans offer various combinations of health, dental and prescription drug benefits, at different levels of coverage.

  • Most plans are designed to provide single, couple or family coverage.
  • If you’re self-employed or an employee of your own business, health and dental premiums may be a non-taxable benefit and a tax deductible expense. For others, the premiums may qualify as a medical expense and create a tax credit.
  • Generally coverage is available to age 75
  • If you are retiring from or leaving a job you may qualify to be automatically accepted for coverage at our guaranteed acceptance rates, without providing medical evidence.

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