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Critical Illness insurance offers unmarried individuals:

  • the ability to maintain their independence
    and not be reliant on family or friends
  • choices for alternative treatment
  • protection against income loss
  • the ability to pay for child care
  • the ability to hire personal support to help
    with the activities of daily living
  • financial resources to reduce loans
    (car loans, line of credit, mortgage)
  • protection for their savings, RESPs and
    RRSPs from unplanned withdrawals

Mortgage CI

Individually owned Critical Illness insurance can offer many valuable benefits not available with traditional mortgage insurance.  With idividual critical illness insurance: 

  • the owner of the policy receives the benefit, not the bank
  • the insurance remains in place even if the mortgage is repaid, assumed or in default
  • moving the mortgage to another institution doesn't impact the coverage - meaning no need to requalify medically or financially
  • you may receive all or a portion of the premiums paid on death or cancellation
  • returned premiums in the event of death or cancalation may be used to reduce your outstanding mortgage debt.
  • the benefit will not reduce with the balance of your mortgage
  • you choose the benefit amount that fits their needs
A Critical Illness insurance policy can be purchased independently of a life policy     


Critical Illness coverage for a child can provide the following key benefits.

  • allows parents to focus on getting their child the best treatment without worrying about finances
  • allows the parent to take a leave of absence to be at home or the hospital for any treatment required without jeopardizing household income
  • helps protect loss of income: if child is sick, parent will most likely not be able to collect on DI
  • ensures a child's insurability for critical illness insurance into their adult years