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Critical Illness


Why do most people purchase Critical Illness policies?

  • It usual comes down to the same two reasons. First, in times of critical need, people want access to the best healthcare money can buy (in or out of country) and second, they want to be worry free about financial exposure should the unexpected happen.

I have disability insurance, isn’t that enough?

  • Disability is important, but it is not the total solution for three reasons. First, the you would receive only a portion of your income replacement, usually about 50 - 60 %. Second, you may need access to more money than you realize to help pay for the non-medical expenses (the "hidden costs") and third, if you are a single person, how long could you continue to pay your bills on half-a-paycheck without having to withdraw savings?

Our family is a two income household – is Critical Illness protection important for us?

  • Yes, critical illness is important to include in your family's insurance portfolio. "The average family can spend as much as $65,000 in one year to care for a cancer patient at home". Another important reason (aside from the non-covered medical and indirect expenses) is that the healthy spouse typically takes time away from their work to care for the sick spouse. This too can result in a significant loss of household income. A Critical Illness cash benefit can go a long way to eliminate this financial problem.

How much protection should I own?

  • As a rule of thumb you should consider purchasing a benefit that will replace at least one year annual income. However, you are free to select any benefit above or below that you feel meets your needs. What’s most important is affordability. Select the amount and plan type that you can comfortably afford to keep.

If I am diagnosed, how can the money be used?

  • The benefit from a Critical Illness policy is paid directly to you in one lump sum check. There are no restrictions placed on how you can use the money. You can use it to pay household bills, non-covered medical expenses, travel expenses, etc., the list is endless. The bottom line is, the money is yours to use whenever and however you need it.

I am a young single person, is Critical Illness coverage important for me?

  • Yes. As you probably know, the critical illness conditions covered under the plan can strike at any age regardless of sex, race, lifestyle, and so on. Experiencing one of these critical illness while being on your own and single could mean becoming a financial burden on your parents for the rest of their lives…. not to mention the financial impact that you would incur if you could no longer work, pay your rent or mortgage, etc. While youth has its advantages regarding illness, go to any hospital and see for yourself the surprising number of children and young people being treated for these conditions.

I already own a plan with some benefits for Critical illness. Will an additional plan pay also?

  • Yes. Critical illness plans will pay full benefits directly to you regardless of any other insurance you may own. There are no restrictions as to how many or what types of other plans you own subject to underwriting guidelines.

If I move out of Canada, is my coverage still in force?

  • Yes. Once you’ve purchased the coverage your policy covers you wherever you live.

What are the methods for paying the premium?

  • You can pay the premium in one of several ways. They include monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually - or payroll deduction if you are a member of a group Critical Illness plan. If you select monthly, you may have your Bank, Credit Union, etc. electronically send your premium each month (on a date specified by you) directly to the insurance company. If you select quarterly, semi-annual or annual, the insurance company will send you a premium notification.

Can this plan be offered through my employer?

  • Yes, the plan can be offered through your employer. While most employers see the value of offering a critical illness program to their employees very few are aware that Critical Illness insurance is available on a group basis. If Critical Illness insurance isn’t a part of your employee benefit plan and you would like to have our representative contact you firm, please go to the Contact page of this website and provide us with the name of the Company, phone number, and the appropriate person (Benefit Manager or HR person) we should contact.


I have a question that is not covered here, how can I get the answer?

Please call our customer service department directly at 1-888-606-2727 between 9am and 5pm EST or email us at  For e-mail inquiries, we will respond to your question before the end of the next business day. Be sure to include your e-mail address or phone number as well as indicate the best time for us to contact you.